Jersey Design for the Miami Heat




JAN 2015


Design, Art Direction, Fashion Design 





Given the challenge to design a uniform for a team that takes fashion very seriously we combined the silhouettes of men's formalwear and athletics. By reducing the tuxedo into geometric shapes I later transcribed those shapes into the jersey, complimenting the athletic build of the players. The modern tuxedo is all about detail, so our goal was to emphasize that design aspect into the jersey. The exposed stitching is a unique added element to the uniform as well as the differentiated materials for the black fabric. The type is a nod to the vintage era of basketball design and the stripes allude to components found in medieval armor. 

The Jersey was worn in all the home games in between January and February. It has now become part of the 5 year jersey plan, as well as its inverse design in white. It was highly celebrated and overall well received by the media and fans. Watch the video below to see more about the process and concept.