The Creator Network 

Branding a mini-business within Fullscreen

I transferred over to the Creator Network (like a record label for Youtube) and my first month on the (new but old) job I was tasked with refreshing the brand of this sub-business. Fullscreen got this really corporate makeover and the Creator Network wanted to spruce their look. This is the side that speaks directly with its influencer talent so creating something visually strong and fun would assure them that FS gets them.

Inspired by 70's psychedelic posters and the grunge movement I didn't want the brand to feel to nostalgic. So I incorporated glitch and gradients, pushing all of these old ideas into something completely new – visual eye candy. Yes, it's a color explosion, but this company is rooted in the endless scroll of the internet. We are weird, our talent is even weirder and we embrace this! 


Fullscreen Creator Network 


Jan 2017 


Art Direction, Brand Refresh, Identity, Gifs, Layout, Social Media 

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